Looking for someone to Collaborate with or facilitate content in an event, retreat, or for your business?

What Events has Kelli Facilitated at?

Kelli has run her own events such as

Be Free, Be, Energetic Manifestation

and Facilitated at Conscious Soul dance, Coming Home - spiritual Retreat, WE (woman Empowerment) festival and more.

In these see provided various experiences such as nervous system regulation, embodiment processes, spiritual teaching, saging, burning rituals, emotional release processes, energetical manifestation tools, cacao ceremonies, bluelotus ceremonies, shadow work, archetype games, energy teachings, grounding processes, de-stress and reset processes, drumming, rattle work,  energetic clearing, coaching, spiritual coaching,  

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With a wide variety of skills - and experience

From Corporate events, small retreats, spiritual events with over 100 guests, sacred circles, international podcasts, guest speaker in Health and Wellbeing series and more

What Events has Kelli been assisting in?

Kelli has supported in a wide variety events, such as Conscious Soul Dance, Heart Tantra - awaken as love, Sacred Sister Circle, Sound and Breathe work Journey, Meow, Fundamentals of Tantra, spiritual and coaching retreats - in these providing a range of roles, from meeting and Saging upon entry, energy support work, emotional release processes, embodiment processes, somatics, spiritual coaching, emotional support, Burning rituals, activity guidance, cacao/blue lotus preparations and  set up, alter creation and pack down duties.

She has also been a guest speaker on several podcasts like music, spirit and accountability, love you even more, plus The Wellbeing Series, sharing spiritual insights, relationship healing, spiritual teachings, healing insights, energetics, emotional wellbeing tools and more

Got an event, retreat, festival?

From Corporate to spiritual, retreats to short events, motivational to De-stress…. Kelli has coaching, teachings, practices, tools and more to offer

"Kelli’s magic is like nothing I have ever experienced.  I have been blessed to experience her incredible intuitive healing sessions, which are always deeply aligned, powerful and often life-changing.

I have also been divinely supported by Kelli at many of my own events. She always goes above and beyond to help wherever she can and does an incredible job supporting me and everyone in the space. I know when Kelli is around, I have nothing to worry about, as she just gets s#%t done. 

Kelli is also the customer liaising manager for the Australian sector of Tribal Moon Cacao, always striving to provide incredible customer service, making each and every customer and client feel supported with fantastic personalized service that has been a big part of the long jeopardy of Tribal Moon Cacao. 

If you ever get to work with Kelli, I highly recommend it."

Jay Hoad  -  https://jayhoad.org

Stephanie Anja the founder of Tantra Heart - Awaken as Love Event says

“Kelli is a priestess of the arts, grounded and powerful, someone you can trust, I highly recommend her offerings”


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