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Find Your way, The Map after separation

After a separation we feel all alone, but you don't have to do it on your own!   Having guidance and support can truly short cut your healing journey. 

 Why do we need to heal?  
Firstly, you don't want to continue to feel like you do now, or any longer than necessary.
Secondly, most of us struggle to let go of the relationship, the past, trapping us in a never-ending perpetual cycle.  We question if we could have done things different or maybe our ex will change - and hold onto hope.
And I guarantee, you 100% don’t want to repeat the same unhealthy patterns in your next relationship.  It's time to create a new future, and a positive one!

So where do you start the healing?  
This is a big question - because there is many layers and aspects you can heal - such as patterns, feelings, emotions, energy, stress, inner wounds etc. 
So, finding the right pathway or steps can make it a lot easier but make it quicker to get back on your feet and feel happy.    

To Master your Life - Master your Inner Guidance System.

Don't you wonder why some people seem to just have all the luck; that opportunities just come to them, things just flow and doors just open, it's like they are in the right place at the right time.

Or that they just seem to have all the answers, know how to make the right choices aligned to them? Well, its possible for you to have this too.

Our Intuition or what is also known as our inner guidance system, always knows what is best for you; whether its the job, what your purpose is, who you truly are, what paths to take to get there, or to find true happiness - your happily ever after life, plus many other things like your souls divine plan.

It also know whats not right for you - you know that feeling you get like something is off?

Did you know your greatest fulfillment in life comes through your soul purpose here on earth and by being who you were born to be.

By accessing your inner guidance you are able to find the answers to help create more flow and ease in your life.

This program is based on Facebook

Immerse into Yourself Program

6-month Immersion.


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Stress Energetics Program

The regulation of our nervous system is vital to having a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Stress energetics is about Helping People go from heightened states of stress to bliss.

The nervous system and body have signature energy processes that occur in stress, depression and anxiety.

Many people live with an overactive nervous system, which struggles to reset or go into homeostasis - so we can feel calm again.

Basically, most people's nervous systems haven't upgraded to handle today's lifestyles, and challenges.

When we learn the energy signature of a stress response - SR which is anxiety, depression, Ptsd, and trauma, - we can change this.

We can start to reprogram the circuits to reset and calm them, with consistent regular and simple tools we can teach the body how to enter homeostasis and then start to feel better.

This program can help you completely transform your life.

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What others say about Kelli

Customer Reviews

 I would highly recommend as she is an amazing healer with a wealth of knowledge about the energetic body. Her courses are excellent and i learnt so many practical tips to aid my healing process.  She has your best interests at heart, and she is kind and caring. P. Stock - Facebook Customer Review
 Kelli is an amazing healer and beautiful woman. I have worked on a few programmes with Kelli and they have helped me so much. Her knowledge and wisdom are the best. Highly recommend her workshops and one to one sessions. She is pure love 

 M. Fuentes - Facebook Customer Review

I have started seeing Kelli I think in about 2019 for a one on one session. For most of my life, I've struggled with mental health issues etc, and has been a real battle. Since then, my life has gone total turn around for the better! Kelli has taught me so many tools to apply in daily life to help continue my growth in evolving into my true essence. I've done her course, and highly recommend anyone to book in to see Kel. She really makes you feel at ease with EVERYTHING! I continue to see Kelli and will always do so in the future. Game changer if you want change in your life for the better  

S. Hutton - Facebook Customer Review

Kelli is an awesome Angel! She allowed me to open my body and mind to be free and yet in control. She gave me guidance and strength and belief in myself. Being positive and happy has made my family positive and happy. I’m am in one with my self. My aches and pains are disappearing lesser and lesser each day! Thank you Kelli for your healing and empowerment! 

C. Caroisi Google Customer Review

I had my first reiki session with Kelli and she was amazing! I felt completely comfortable, she broke everything down so I understood it.
I left there feeling on top of the world and much more knowledgeable about myself and different patterns.
Cannot recommend enough 

H. Parlow - Facebook Customer Review

Kelli is in an amazing person with such a Powerful energy healing power. It's the first time that I experienced and energy healing sessions, but I can tell that won't forget it in my all life, she can see and feel thinks that you wouldn't ever be able to explain inside yourself, she can read you as a book and give you advices and tips to learn how to be a better version of you and to heal yourself. it is hard to explain what I felt In words since it's something Unic, the connection and the clarity that she can share with you is something that you definitely need to experience of you are experiencing some hard situation at the moment or you did on the past, being or not aware of that. in my case I wasn't aware of what I lived in my past. thank you Kelli again for your healing sessions, for your light, love and power, helping people to find themselves. 

S. Karoscar Google Customer Review 

 I am apart of Kelli's pilot "Immerse into Yourself" Course and absolutely loving it. I am only part way through, but thoroughly looking forward to what is to come. I really love how it is self-paced which works with my family dynamic. This course has helped me immensely. The content given, is brilliant and extremely helpful. It's great how Kelli puts it all in videos, which explains the tasks and then has the task questions for you to complete. The meditations are beautiful. It has truly helped me to rediscover myself and see the changes that have already happened, that I wasn't aware had. I cannot wait to see what else happens. Kelli is a top-notch facilitator. She very supportive. Kelli, thank you. Your course is just what I needed.
L. Maree - Customer Review

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