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Life is a real struggle straight after a breakup!

It’s overwhelming, with so many emotions such as grief, anxiety, resentment, anger, confusion, it's an emotional rollercoaster and we feel weighed down with so many questions, so many unknowns.

It’s actually normal to be confused on where to start with so many things shifting and changing within and around you.  

So where do you start? -  this is the question most will sit with and one I get asked often.

To have direction and regain control of your life again, you must have an action plan or map. Otherwise, you will feel confused longer and question what you should tackle and fix first. So, the quicker you obtain a plan of action, the quicker you feel back in control of your life to choose how you want to feel and how you want your daily lives to be.  

You don’t want to drag this out longer than necessary, do you?

Having effective tools, support and The Map to help you transition through your separation is what you need to move through this difficult time with more ease.

All endings, have new beginnings, make this next chapter of your life the best chapter yet!!!

I remember feeling like my whole life had been shattered, like an unfixable mirror.

I wasn't to know a very different reflection was to appear soon, that would be so bright and beyond anything I had ever dreamed of.

I felt completely lost. I was no longer a wife, and I was a single mum; something I had never imagined. Out of the blue my marriage was over, no warning, nothing. I hit rock bottom.

I felt heartbroken, angry, stressed, consumed with pain, full of sadness, and sick to my stomach. My head was consumed with chaos; the stories in my head were so loud. I couldn’t think straight, focus or function well, nor do the most basic of tasks, but I tried. Things just took so much longer. And the few moments I would smile were for my boys, who were four years old and six months old.

I wanted to be a great mother to them; they deserved a mum who could smile, play joyfully, and interact. And with my current state, I was being eaten by guilt for not showing up for them the way I always wanted to. That year was hard, and my sympathetic nervous systems became overactive due to the long-term stress I endured, and the emotional abuse from my ex-husband. 

See, I didn’t see this event as the death of the old me, or the birthing of the new, true me. I was still partly attached to the visions I’d had as a kid for my life as an adult, and they had just been destroyed by my ex walking out.

The universe and my soul were propelling me forward into my soul purpose and contract. The future, the dreams I had for “Kelli”, were completely gone, and I needed to take a step into a new reality that I had not imagined.

I remember standing at what felt like a crossroads. One path was to stay in the pain that was very quickly eating me up, being a victim to my situation, feeling angry that this had happened to me, or to step into the other path choosing to try and make the best of it - be happy, if not for me but for my beautiful little men. They deserved it, I deserved it! They were my light in the darkness, as my light felt like it had gone out. They were part of my saving grace, my leverage to heal, and to create a new life. But the truth was, my light was about to shine brighter than it ever had.

I remember hearing the words, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and I was the tree, and my boys were the apples. My roots were strong, even though the leaves had all fallen off and the branches had buckled, but I could be nourished back to health. I called on the divine force to help, and in so, my soul began to guide me, and my whole life changed for the better! 

What are some of the Benefits to Using my Services?

  • Better emotional regulation- Transform your pain into power, turning heartbreak into an opportunity for profound personal growth and Emotional Healing.  

  •  Support - compassionate support that uplifts and supports you through every step of your healing journey.

  • Self-Discovery - Discover your true self and unlock your potential for happiness beyond your past relationship.  Self-discovery can lead to purpose and passion in life.

  • Moving On - Empower yourself to move forward with your life, free from the shadows of your past.

  • Self-Esteem Boost - Regain your lost confidence and rebuild your self-esteem to stand taller than ever before.

  • Stress Reduction - Reduce your stress and anxiety, finding peace and serenity amidst the chaos of separation.

  • Building Resilience - Build unshakeable resilience and turn adversities into steppingstones for your future happiness.

  • Regaining Happiness - Find the path to regain your happiness and savor the beauty of life once again. Feel positive again.

  • Personal Growth - Accelerate your personal growth by transforming your separation into a powerful learning experience.

  • Navigating Loneliness - Navigate through the loneliness  finding solace and strength in your solitude.

  • Better Relationships - Learn to build healthier, more fulfilling relationships in the future with our guidance.

  • Emotional Stability - Achieve emotional stability, mastering your feelings to face the future with courage and calm.

  • Healing Past Wounds - Heal your deepest wounds and release the burden of the past, and transforming unhealthy patterns, opening yourself to a new beginning.

  • Future Planning - Lay the foundations for a brighter future, planning with hope and optimism post-separation.

  • Self-care - Make self-care a priority, and discover the joy of putting your wellbeing first.

  • Letting Go - Master the art of letting go, releasing what no longer serves you for your highest good.

  • Discovering Joy - Rediscover the joy and colors of life, painting your future with the hues of happiness.

  • Gaining Closure - Gain the closure you need to heal fully, turning the page to start a new chapter in life.

  • Mindfulness - Embrace mindfulness to stay present, savoring the beauty of now, creating a peaceful heart and mind.

  • Life Balance - Find your perfect life balance, harmonizing your emotions and actions towards a fulfilling life post-separation

  • Improve Immune system and body natural healing abilities.

  • Find more pleasure in life.

  • Improves abilities to manifest your desires.

  • Deeper Awareness and understanding of yourself.

  • Improves connection to intuition.

  • Become less triggered or reactive to life's challenges, children or other people.
    Clearer head, improving time management and productivity.

  • You gain direction and control of your life again.

  • Gain the ability to work through whatever life throws at you with more ease.   

  • You find quicker peace within, with a deeper state of calm.

  • Feel lighter, more energetic.

  • Improve ability to find solutions and learn new skills.

  • Enjoy life again.

  • Coherent mind, body and soul.

  • Improve financial stability or financial worries.

It's time to get back in the driver's seat and reclaim your life and happiness!

"I have been experiencing some really bad anxiety and can’t understand where and why it has occurred. I have been trying to fix myself and doing everything possible (the natural way) to be back to my normal happy self.

I found Kelli online and reached out to see if this may be something she could help me with. The next day I met her and went through everything with her and trying to narrow down maybe what has caused this high stress and anxiety, she is so easy to speak with and calm and non judgemental. From there I had a Reiki healing done. I did leave feeling a lot lighter and feel a little more positive that maybe I will get through this and it isn’t my life forever.

The next morning I woke, I could get up and go to work, I felt a slight bit of hunger which is a great sign and I’ve had next to not appetite and just overall a more clear mind.

I am not back to my full self just yet and have a little journey ahead of me but I have definitely noticed a difference in my mental state and want to thank Kelli for helping me re align my energies and helping me to take steps in my healing process.
Would recommend her services."

Rebekha Greely - Google Review

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