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Spiritual Awakening meaning and Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual awakening is a deep healing process as we become conscious of all of our stuff… where we break down or investigate ourselves and our behaviors, patterns over and over.

Spiritual awakening often happens at a pivotal time where we are deeply challenged and is often referred to as the dark night of the soul, where we need to heal deeply, change (evolve) and We awaken - we eventually become more present to who we truly are - gain deeper self-love and begin to connect to our true essence.  Our life's purpose becomes more prominent as we come into alignment with our true essence.

We feel more, connect more to our spirit and the energy of life.

Many will say that we feel like there's more to life and get curious.  We feel a calling, it's our soul calling us into alignment.  The issue is the massive changes that occur cause the nervous system to go into overdrive and we struggle.  We often feel overwhelmed by all of what we need to heal and judge ourselves, and really struggle with self-worth and more.

A spiritual awakening has 6 stages, and many get stuck looping in stages.  This is why having a spiritual coach who understands these can assist, helping you move through it with more ease.

Our soul - has a purpose - spiritual awakening begins with the igniting of the soul and contract, our divine purpose, awakening who we were meant to be… and dissolving the programs of who we were taught to be by society and our families.  

Significant aspects are the North and South nodes - we need to move towards the north node - our challenges and understand the south nodes were aspects of our past life, gifts already learnt by the soul - yet often when we are young we experience aspects of these as challenges for us to remember the gifts.

Spirit literally means - breath

Spirituality means - art of how life connect to us and move through us - to breath it in (life)

For me our spirit - is a blend of our human blueprint (ego) - and soul, unity.

Many will say they felt different and as though they didn't fit into their families, the religions, or struggled to feel accepted.  

This is a journey I am highly experienced with and assist many clients along the way, offering guidance and tools to make the process easier.  I have facilitated many events and been interviewed on podcasts and series such as the emotional wellbeing series, sharing my wisdom.

If you feel you are going through a spiritual awakening or the dark night of the soul, I recommend reaching out for a free discovery to see if I can assist you.

Need guidance?

Kelli, offers a variety of services to assist with spiritual awakening such as energy healing, transformational spiritual life coaching, online courses and programs

Symptoms or signs of Spiritual Awakening

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

While there isn’t a codified “spiritual awakening process,” there are signs and symptoms along one’s spiritual journey that can be common in many.  

One of the biggest is the Dark Night of the Soul which is when a significant event occurs in your life that usually shatters your reality (the destruction phase), this is to create space for a new reality, one aligned to your soul, true essence and divine life purpose.  We start to ask for guidance or pray (where our soul initiates to step forward and assist us).  The significant changes create a lot of nervous system activation (stress), self-reflection - where we might judge heavily.  Also learning to trust and follow our soul’s guidance can be hard as our mind usually resists the guidance or changes.

Sign #1: A Noticeable Change in Your Behavior

Perhaps the most essential and authentic signs of spiritual awakening can be observed in your daily behavior.  We start to become conscious of behavior, patterns and seek ways to change.  Many can struggle as the spiritual awakening can bring a lot to the surface for us to address.  Having a spiritual Heal and Life Coach can help significantly, give you tools and understanding of the process.

Sign #2: A Deepening in Your Emotional Wellbeing

Disruption in our emotional body is perhaps the main thing that blocks spiritual awakening, this is caused by the minds resistance, thoughts, stories, and judgements. Jung called it a wounded feeling function. In resolving emotional trauma from childhood, we undo this wound, enabling us to feel more deeply and genuinely.

Re-engaging this emotional flow influences every area of our lives. Now, instead of being possessed by an imprinted archetype developed young as our survival mechanisms, we become more authentically human.

As such, there’s less resistance to feel. Instead of sedating yourself and running from your feelings, there’s a growing willingness to confront emotions like fear, anger, and guilt.

At the same time, as the mind becomes stable there are fewer emotional triggers. Neutrality becomes a desirable way of being.  Learning effective emotional release processes is important.  The emotions link to the body, and our soul speaks more clearly through your connection to the body.

Sign #3: A Tendency to Slow Down and Reflect Back

For the above signs of spiritual awakening to unfold, self-reflection is necessary when you turn back to understand the present.

This “reflecting back” is challenging in modern times due to the fast pace we tend to run. The drive for achievement, productivity, and peak performance has their place, but they are actions created by our mind, and the identification of oneself with success or fear based to survive.  Also, reflecting back means we must be open, honest, and let go of judgment but learn to be more curious

So another spiritual awakening symptom is that you begin to slow down more often and reflect back.

Reflecting helps us access repressed memories in our unconscious that cause irrational behavior in the present. But this self-reflective drive doesn’t judge, blame, or criticize, as the Spirit is neutral yet curious.

Sign #4: A Shift in Priorities and Values

Religion and society provide a moral code based on a system of rules. “Do this; don’t do that.” But now we can develop our own ethical framework where we evaluate what’s best in the context of the situation. The ego is unable to do this because basic needs drive it; only the Higher Self can.

The right and wrong - keeps us in judgment but also makes it harder to be authentic.  You were born to be authentic.

Sign #5: A Transformation of One’s Inner World

In the average person’s waking state, an individual’s ego is almost exclusively focused on their outer world. Work, money, achievement, image, family, friends, and social life are all elements of the external environment.

Another sign of spiritual awakening is a profound shift from this external world to one’s inner realm of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and imagination. In Buddhism, this dimension is called the subtle realm, and it’s considered more real than the “gross dimension” of our waking state.

Sign #6: Holding the Opposites Together

Most of us have a rather rigid, fundamentalist mind that sees things in black and white. Red and Blue, Democrat and Republican, Good and Bad … you get the idea. This is polarity.

While dissociating from one of the opposites seems to resolve our ego’s tension, in truth, it only re-enforces our shadow. With spiritual awakening, we begin to hold the tension of opposites within us, putting us on the road to wholeness.  We begin to work with the dark and light. We get to know both aspects of self.  Shadow work is a significant part of spiritual awakening.

Sign #7: An Experience of Peace and Inner Freedom

The ego is our source of fears, desires, and constant stress. When the ego bows to the Spirit, there’s an inherent sense of acceptance —regardless of what’s happening in our lives (good or bad).

When the Spirit is at the helm, we naturally relax into ourselves, providing a sense of inner freedom we once sought in the external world. In Hinduism, they call this moksha or self-liberation.  

We begin to understand that even the bad brings light, in growth and more.

Sign #8: A Deeping Sense of Self-Honesty and Personal Responsibility

As you begin to go within, there’s a willingness to be radically honest with yourself. You simply can’t tolerate the inner trickster’s game of self-deception anymore.

Now, you feel a growing sense of responsibility and accountability for your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When we’re unconscious of our behavior, there’s no accountability. We might play the victim to situations, blame others for our behaviors and more.  We begin to own our parts and then we can change our actions, reactions and in so our whole life.

Sign #9: A Massive Change in Lifestyle Choices

Another noticeable sign of spiritual awakening is that you become highly conscious of your lifestyle choices. Many “normal” things we did before become unaligned now.

As your connection to the Earth increases, for example, your concern for your environmental impact begins to alter your behavior. 

Sign #10: A Sense of Interconnectivity or Oneness

The ego, or as philosopher Alan Watts calls it, the superficial self, feels separate and alone. It fears for its safety, clinging to life while fearing death.

The Original Spirit has no such fear or sense of separation. It doesn’t play the ego’s game of “us versus them.” The Spirit doesn’t identify itself with gender, race, nationality, religion, or a species. It simply is. It exists outside of space and time, so death isn’t a relevant concept for it either.

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