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Hi, I’m Kelli, from Energetically Inspired; I’m a mother of 2 beautiful young boys, living on the Gold Coast, in Australia.

I’ve been an Energy Therapist for over 10 years; it’s an extension of who I am, my passion and soul's purpose.

It was through my own personal healing journey - 7 years ago, that I discovered and studied techniques in stress management, releasing mind chatter, emotional blocks, to heal triggered reactions and reoccurring patterns-wounded behaviors, plus stress.

It was then that I discovered a strong calling to help guide and teach others how to heal and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

I also love helping people find their true essence - to come home to themselves and to evolve, plus teaching people how to heal after separation, narcissism and how to navigate spiritual awakening.

I love to teach tools to help you navigate your life. I incorporate Energy healing techniques, spiritual wisdom, science and more.

In 2022 I became an International Best-selling Author in 2 books and in May 2023 Kelli was published in the US Reporter - top 20 Life coaches who transform lives with her ability to combine Energy Healing and Transformation tools helping her clients create a fulfilling life.  

What do others say about Kelli - Reviews

Rebekha Greely - December 2023

I have been experiencing some really bad anxiety and can’t understand where and why it has occurred. I have been trying to fix myself and doing everything possible (the natural way) to be back to my normal happy self.

I found Kelli online and reached out to see if this may be something she could help me with. The next day I met her and went through everything with her and trying to narrow down maybe what has caused this high stress and anxiety, she is so easy to speak with and calm and non judgemental. From there I had a Reiki healing done. I did leave feeling a lot lighter and feel a little more positive that maybe I will get through this and it isn’t my life forever.

The next morning I woke, I could get up and go to work, I felt a slight bit of hunger which is a great sign and I’ve had next to not appetite and just overall a more clear mind.

I am not back to my full self just yet and have a little journey ahead of me but I have definitely noticed a difference in my mental state and want to thank Kelli for helping me re align my energies and helping me to take steps in my healing process.
Would recommend her services.

Katie - October 2023 (Google)

Kelli is a truly gifted soul, she calmed my nerves instantly. Before meeting with Kelli I was so overwhelmed with anxiety, I wasn't sure what was my energy and what I was absorbing from my surroundings. Kelli grounded my energy, balanced my chakras and taught me  tools to continue the healing at home. I left feeling so much lighter, calmer, happier and people around me have noticed a positive energetic shift within me. I recommend her 100% if you are feeling unbalanced, she is an angel and I feel so blessed to have received her healing gifts. You will not regret it, I am so excited to see how the energetic changes I feel unfold in my life experiences. Thank you so much X

Ash, October 2023

Kelli is amazing at what she does. I’m so glad I found her as I haven’t felt so relaxed and happy in months, if not years! She is so knowledgeable in many techniques and tailors her services to suit your needs. She genuinely cares and is big on providing the tools you need to look after yourself better after the session. Highly recommend!

Let me further introduce myself, I am Kelli and I work as an Energy Healer and transformational coach.

I help teach my clients important tools to shift their energy, to hold higher frequencies and how to be in alignment with their true essence, finding greater inner peace and happiness.

I work a lot with stress energetics, to settle the sympathetic nervous system.  This alone can improve, happiness, health, wellbeing, mindset, productivity and more.   If your seeking assistance with overcoming anxiety, ptsd, stress, depression - stress energetics could be the missing piece to the puzzle to help you recover and change the pattern.

I work by clearing and balancing your energy systems and reviewing patterns/habits that are not serving and teach how to transform these into new patterns that will benefit your life.

At energetically inspired, I use numerous energy therapy modalities to empower others on their transformative journeys.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs, as I blend the healing modalities.

I also offer assistance with relationship breakdowns - improving self-love and stress coping mechanisms/patterns formed from childhood or from previous toxic relationships, helping you improving your potential in finding love or healthier connections, by identifying patterns and fears, so they can be changed.

Learning how to create new healthy relationships, requires self-healing and self-awareness.  I have understanding in theories around improving magnetism, polarity in masculine and feminine, archetypes and healthy communication.

I myself, had a profound personal healing experience 7 years ago and personally know the power and benefits of this work.  

I have discovered effective techniques for releasing mental noise, emotional blocks and managing stress-triggered reactions.  My deep passion and purpose guided me to energy healing and teaching tools that help individuals find their true selves, while incorporating energy healing, spiritual wisdom and science for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Many clients have had significant and lasting changes in their lives after having an Energy Healing Session combined with Transformational coaching.

Embrace Success with the Top Life Coaches of 2023: Experts Who Transform Lives.

In May 2023 Kelli was published in the US Reporter - top 20 Life coaches who transform lives with her ability to combine Energy Healing and Transformation tools helping her clients create a fulfilling life.  

Read the article here: https://usreporter.com/embrace-success-with-the-top-life-coaches-of-2023-experts-who-transform-lives/

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