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What are the Personality Traits of a Narcissist?

A person must exhibit only 55% or 5 of the 9 Narcissistic traits.  See the image for the 9 traits.

Common things you could experience is Triangulation, gaslighting, manipulation or control tactics, inability to see reality/twisted perceptions, inability to take accountability and will project blame and more

After having a relationship with a narcissist can create the deepest healing… as it usually is the catalyst for the most profound inner work.


A relationship with a Narcissist will strip you back, leave you raw, make you feel weak, broken, shatter your worth and self-love…

It over activates your sympathetic nervous system usually to the point that you end up with Ptsd… or excessive Anxiety and then learn to master your nervous system.

You will question many aspects of your life and therefore start to review them…

This experience is going to trigger one of the deepest healing journeys of your life.

So, you can:

  • reclaim your power stronger than before.

  • learn to love yourself so deeply.

You dissect your trauma response and patterns that created such a relationship (usually stemming from childhood beliefs and patterns).

You will sit with the wounds of betray.

Witness your own Self abandonment.

You will Activate your inner masculine to create Boundaries and safety.

Strength your boundaries to honor your worth and speak your needs.

You begin to recreate yourself - which is commonly when you actually find your true self…

You learn your weaknesses, your triggers…

You learn to stand up for yourself in healthy ways.

You learn to regulate your nervous system and to self soothe.

You learn how to heal yourself and so much more.

You see… this experience will reshape you but only if you choose the path of healing. It will be one of the biggest blessings in disguise if you choose to take the healing path.

Narcissism Meaning

Narcissism is a personality disorder; the clinical name is Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Only a psychiatrist or some psychologists can officially diagnose Narcissistic personality disorder, and as a diagnosis it is classed as a mental health condition.

However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder exists on a spectrum of severity.  In the most simplistic terms, the spectrum is split into 2 primary types - Healthy Narcissism (adaptive) and unhealthy narcissism (maladaptive / Pathological.  It is the unhealthy version that most struggle with.  

There are 6 main sub-types of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and 9 main personality traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  According to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th Edition), a person must exhibit only 55% or 5 of the nine personality traits, symptoms and behaviors to be considered a narcissistic.

Internet Definition: Narcissism is psychological disorder characterized by a persistent pattern of grandiosity, fantasies of unlimited power or importance, and the need for admiration or special treatment.

Jayme Ryder definition: Narcissism is the ability to lift you so high and chop you down so low that they can manipulate you to the point where you accept accountability and responsibility for their evil.  Then perceive it as goodness, appreciate it as greatness and be grateful to receive it, all while coercing you to be thankful they tolerate you and humbled that they chose you.  

Most who have been in a narcissistic relationship have deep healing to do, and it’s not just from that relationship.

See a high percentage of us, have deep seated programs running from our primary safety system developed in childhood that were formed in abandonment fears, low self love and developed as anxiety, anxious attachment, people pleasing, low self worth and more.

We attract or fall in love with the narcissist because these exist in us, we hold a vibrational resonance that attracts such relationships.

In many cases the narcissist will amplify these programs, making us feel like we are in a death grip.

But if we go to the core of resonance and rewrite these frequencies (programs), we start to change the pattern.

Having the correct guidance can fast track your healing…

Reach out if you want help to shift this and start to pivot your life!!

Or join my newest program - finding your way - The Map.

I also do 1 on 1 healing and transformational life coaching if the group or course systems don’t align.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Separating from a narcissistic person when having children is one of the most challenging separations.

Understanding that a true narcissist should tick 5 of the behavioural traits or characteristics… and if they tick at least 5, then it is a mental health condition or illness (that they will likely never get diagnosed).

Most have adapted it due to their own inner turmoil- and most are not necessarily doing it to cause you pain (though they do). they do it as a protection mechanism to make them feel better.  

Those who purposely try to hurt you are psychopaths most Narcissist are not consciously trying to hurt you - it is a reactive behaviour .

So, it’s not about you so much as it is about them. This helps you release some of the anger and feelings of it being personal.

Ie. It’s usually not calculated their actions but more responsive (it happens quickly).

They will use your weak points, such as you wanting to be amicable and wanting co-parenting  and even try to attack as you put healthy boundaries in place - feeling as though they are losing control, so they will try to regain power (to make them feel better again), so they might say things like - that you must not have got over stuff, time to move on (gaslighting).

You can move on and still have healthy boundaries in dealing with them.  You can heal and not condone or accept inappropriate behavior.

Learning that it is rare to be able to effectively co parent with them, you need to parallel parent.

Don’t give them energy, don’t defend yourself over and over. Stay focused on the point, being child focused and polite… don’t make it emotionally driven.

Always hold truth.  debating, or defending self are different to truth.

Establish healthy boundaries.

Do self-love work, to rebuild your worth.

Find friends, councilors, support groups, programs, healers, coaches who you can talk to.

Find healthy ways to let the frustrations out, to release the emotions and reset.

Remember it will get easier. You will heal with the right guidance and tools.

Narcissist often can elevate us, spiritually, emotionally, but also in understanding ourselves and self-worth…

They can trigger you into healing that which creates inner union (masculine/feminine), heal inner child wounds such as abandonment etc.  

Many mystics, and empathy or people with inner child wounds with low boundaries or self-esteem will attract these relationships- to awaken you and for you to heal.

There is light in the darkness if you choose to look for it.  You need to choose the path of healing.

I’m experienced in this work and to have walked this path.

This is a little insight into just one of the topics in my newest program “Finding our way - The Map” after separation.

I also offer 1 on 1 Healing and Transformational Life Coaching Sessions - online and in person.

"Kelli is such a compassionate and gifted Soul I was so grateful to meet her. Her abilities are outstanding and she is able to bring such clarity and healing to whatever you're struggling with. I highly recommend her services she is amazing.
Thank you Kelli"

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