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Transformation and healing happens through Shadow Work

Shadow work involves working with your unconscious and subconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma, inner child work, nervous system work or parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable.

In the shadows

It’s in the darkness many find their gifts and create the biggest shifts in their lives.  

Yet, many judge, fear, reject and fragment the shadow aspects of themselves in so fragmenting their spirit, soul and true essence.  The more we integrate and get to know our shadows the better relationship we have with ourselves and unpacking our patterns, triggers, trauma, fears and more.

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work refers to the process of understanding and dealing with the “shadow” parts of yourself—the aspects that you’ve buried deep inside due to negative emotions such as guilt, shame, fear, anger, or disgust. These hidden elements often remain in our unconscious mind. Let’s explore this further!

Shadow work is a psychological and spiritual practice that involves exploring and integrating the unconscious or "shadow" aspects of oneself.

The concept of the shadow was popularized by the psychologist Carl Jung, who believed that it consists of the hidden, repressed, or denied aspects of our personality, often stemming from childhood experiences, societal conditioning, and past traumas.

The shadow, as described by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, represents the repressed parts of our psyche—the traits we find unpleasant or cannot tolerate acknowledging. These shadow aspects contradict the characteristics we like and want to be recognized for. When we encounter our shadow sides, we tend to avoid acknowledging them at all or judge them.

These aspects of ourselves can include qualities, emotions, desires, reactive behaviors or patterns and impulses that we deem unacceptable, shameful, or negative. They are often projected onto others or repressed into our unconscious, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without our awareness.

Shadow work involves bringing these hidden aspects of ourselves into the light of awareness, acknowledging them without judgment, and integrating them into our conscious personality. This process can be uncomfortable and challenging, as it requires facing aspects of ourselves that we may have been avoiding, judging or denying.

We often reactive to others that express these traits or attract relationships that bring these to the surface for healing or integration.

However, by embracing our shadows, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, heal past wounds, and unlock hidden potential.

When we integrate the shadow or dark aspects, we become spiritually more whole and ignite more of our light (positive aspects). By facing our shadow sides intentionally, we become more complete beings.

It can lead to greater self-acceptance, authenticity, and personal growth.

Shadow Work also creates better relationships: When we acknowledge our shadow, we hurt ourselves and others less.

Practices of shadow work can include journaling, dream analysis, emotional expression, meditation, therapy, energy work, self-love practices and self-reflection, coaching, understanding our human blueprint.

It is an ongoing process that requires courage, compassion, and a willingness to explore the depths of our psyche.

Remember, shadow work can be challenging, but the rewards are valuable.  It’s a great opportunity for self-discovery and deep growth.  The work itself can completely change our lives, how we respond to life and situations and more 

Sessions are personalized to you, where we use the human blueprint information, life coaching, intuitive guidance, energy healing and more.

Having the right tools will make the journey with shadow work easier to not get stuck or create unnecessary emotional pain, which can also create self-love issues and more.  

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From the international bestselling book “Jaguar Medicine” - Kelli shares

“It’s within the darkness that our gifts lie hidden from the light of our consciousness.” This statement was very true for me, as the essence of me becoming a healer was initiated through the act of healing me.”


“The darkness I experienced was so that I could find my gifts that had been hidden in the shadows. All these hidden treasures I found and am still finding.”

Shadow Work Questions & Prompts for Beginners

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